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Startup Spotlight: The Pronator

Today we are sharing the story of Jonathon Rosploch and how he is turning his idea for The Pronator into a startup. To stay up to date with Jon and The Pronator, check out follow him on Twitter (@thepronator). Tell us a little bit about yourself. I was born and raised in booming metropolis… Read the Full Article →

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know: Legal Issues and Obtaining Financing

Congratulations! Yesterday, you and your team received a first place award for the “Next Best App” at the Hack’n’Slash-a-thon. Now, you and your team are considering building your idea into next big startup success story. However, this seems like a daunting task and presents some serious legal questions that could make or break the successful… Read the Full Article →

Event Recap: A Tale of Two Valleys

Another great Digital Fertilizer event is in the books. Thanks so much to Mike Diamond and Matt Vanderlinden for sharing with us. It’s so fun hearing from such talented, successful local people. If you weren’t able to join us, make sure to download Mike’s slides and go through his presentation. Unfortunately, you had to be… Read the Full Article →

This Is Why We’re Here

There are vibrant startup communities all over the country. Everyone knows that San Francisco, Chicago and New York are hubs for startup activity, but there are many smaller regions in the U.S. that are producing some of the biggest names in technology. Boulder Colorado, Bend Oregon and even Madison Wisconsin are names I keep hearing… Read the Full Article →