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BarCamp Green Bay

Just a reminder that BarCamp Green Bay is two weeks away. This free event is entirely produced by you. It will be fun and exciting. Register at

Why You Belong in a Coworking Space

If there were a place where 92% of people said their social circles have increased since being there, 80% have grown their business networks, and 75% have increased productivity, wouldn’t you consider transplanting your startup or freelancing career into such an environment? It’s easier than you might think. These stats aren’t from folks who moved… Read the Full Article →

This Is Why We’re Here

There are vibrant startup communities all over the country. Everyone knows that San Francisco, Chicago and New York are hubs for startup activity, but there are many smaller regions in the U.S. that are producing some of the biggest names in technology. Boulder Colorado, Bend Oregon and even Madison Wisconsin are names I keep hearing… Read the Full Article →