Event Recap: Trust Triggers with Mark Imperial

Last week at The Green Room Lounge we listened in on Mark Imperial discuss why customers buy, and why they don’t.

There are specific trust triggers that they look for and show bias towards those companies that have them.

So….what are they?

Trust Triggers:

  1. Advocacy over Advertising
  2. What other people say about you
  3. Are you relevant? Do you have logos?

After covering the trust triggers and conveying their importance, Mark discussed that in order to thrive online, businesses and brands should be managing their reputation and encouraging users to give and leave feedback.

You can learn more about Mark and his endeavors at ImperialAction.com.

Thanks again to Mark for coming up from Chicago to spend some time with us and share his knowledge about marketing, gaining the trust and intent of buyers, and managing a reputation online!

Written by Andrew Verboncouer

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder/Product Designer at Headway, Cultivating Startups with Digital Fertilizer.

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