Meetup Recap: Connecting With Customers

James Oliver of WeMontageLast week, James Oliver of WeMontage presented and shared the story of how WeMontage was founded as well as how their brand messaging has changed over the last couple years. The biggest change in their messaging was the changing focal point and how their approach evoked emotions with their target customers.

The new slogan, Live Beyond The Frame, entices users to ask what it means and intrigues them to find more information out about what WeMontage is and does.

James also shared his story of applying and being accepted to Gener8tor, a Wisconsin based Startup Accelerator, and how his wife’s influence aided his path of transforming WeMontage into a fully functioning product. Prior to Gener8tor, James faced the difficulties of funding the development of the full product instead of employing lean startup principles and validating through user feedback as the features deployed.

There are many ways to build a successful business and every one has a unique start. It was definitely great to hear James’ story and how he came up with the idea and vision for WeMontage as well as their progress over the last two years.

What did you take away from his talk about connecting with customers? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @digitalfertilzr with @jamesoliverjr mentioned as well!

A big thank you goes out to James for taking the time to share his experiences and also to everyone that was able to join us at the Green Room Lounge.

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Written by Andrew Verboncouer

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder/Product Designer at Headway, Cultivating Startups with Digital Fertilizer.

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