Meetup Recap: Gener8tor Returns!

First and foremost, I’d like to thank both Joel Abraham and Brian Curliss for joining us and talking about the lean startup, event/behavioral marketing and their experiences. Secondly, I’d like to thank everyone for attending and participating. With all of the questions, it really solidifies the fact that Northeast Wisconsin is full of passionate people that are eager to learn and set on growing successful businesses.

Lean Startup Principles

Joel Abraham did a pretty good job of outlining Lean Startup Principles (even though our projector connection didn’t quite cooperate). The biggest take-away for those unfamiliar to the Lean Startup method is that you should be constantly validating your features and product through your current and potential customers.

The Lean Startup method is rooted deeply in the concept of a three-phase cycle: Build, Measure, Learn. While this cycle implies only three phases, your learning should be constant – creating an overall feedback loop for both learning and discovery.

You can learn more about Lean Startup Principles from one of the lean pioneers, Eric Ries, in his book The Lean Startup.

Behavioral Marketing

I found Brian’s experience with various startups and his exit very intriguing. It’s always interesting to hear how other startups come into existence and how the most successful ones are solving the very problems and passions of their founders. For me, it really reinforces that there are almost infinite different paths that can lead from an idea to both a successful and sustainable business as well as an exit.

Brian talked about retargeting and how you can maximize your ROI while capturing users you’ve already driven to your site. If you’re interested in running some of these campaigns for your site, you can learn more and sign up at AdRoll. As he mentioned, you can configure these ads to display everywhere across the web, including within Facebook Ads and the user’s Facebook News Feed.

Brian created a business model canvas specifically for SaaS modeled startups and you can download it on the site for $20 or for FREE if you share it: SaaS Business Model Canvas.

Thanks Again!

I want to thank each and every person that came out for attending. You are truly an important piece to growing and sustaining a thriving startup community here in Northeast Wisconsin. If you enjoyed their presentations and learned something, I encourage you to reach out and thank them on Twitter (listed below) or review them on the Meetup event.

See all of you developers tomorrow night!


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Written by Andrew Verboncouer

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder/Product Designer at Headway, Cultivating Startups with Digital Fertilizer.

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